East Boston

east boston

East Boston, also known as Eastie, was originally created to connect five islands in Boston Harbor. Once a center of shipbuilding and other marine industries, East Boston has served as a foothold for immigrants to America. More recently, a large influx of young professionals have moved to the neighborhood. Just a few train stops from the heart of Boston, the area offers breathtaking views of Boston Harbor and the city’s skyline. Eastie is home to a wide range of ethnic stores and restaurants that reflect the tastes and traditions of the neighborhood’s diverse residents.


East Boston Buyer Testimonial:

“I have had two great experiences with Ariel. She helped me relocate from Philadelphia to Boston a few years ago, and helped me learn what is a very different rental market than I was used to. I had about two weeks to find a place, and thanks to her, was able to settle into a great neighborhood and apartment. I totally fell in love with Boston after renting for a little over a year, and called Ariel to help me buy my first place in East Boston.
She gave me good insight and market information, was great at showings, and ultimately helped me through the entire process of buying a home. She referred me to a great team of people to help with home inspections, legal items, and getting a mortgage. And, she was really thoughtful of me and what I was looking for throughout the whole thing. One day, many years in the future when it comes time for me to leave my amazing new place, I'll be enlisting her help again. Until then, I'll be making sure my house-hunting friends have her info.”
- Stephanie 


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