Leather District

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Once the center of leather manufacturing in Boston, the Leather District is now the city’s most desirable neighborhood for loft enthusiasts. This nine block nook of the city is full of factories and warehouses that have been converted to distinctive and unique loft living spaces. Bordering Chinatown and the Financial District, the Leather District is right off of the highway and next to South Station, a major hub for public transportation within and out of the city.


Leather District Buyer Testimonial:

"Ariel worked with me as a buyer's agent. Shopping for real estate is a time consuming and painful process, and I don't think there's really a way around that. What's excellent about working with Ariel is that she really keeps things moving. She's incredibly fast to respond to questions andrequests, she's diligent in making appointments and completing research, and she's insightful about the process and is never set back by difficult sellers or competitive properties. Ariel also had remarkable patience and does a great job refining and focusing the search while working with her. In contrast to experiences I've had with other agents over the years, I felt like she actually took the time to understand and anticipate my needs in a property, and was engaged and personally vested in succeeding on finding my perfect place. I've already recommended her personally to three friends, and am enthusiastic to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone else looking for an exceptional buyer's agent as well.”


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