The True Value Of A Sellers Agent


My Value Lies In The Details

Many sellers think that my job ends after you accept an offer on your house. In reality, you will observe my skill and hard work during the most critical time in your transaction - between your acceptance of an offer and the final signing of paperwork at the closing table.

In fact, in today’s real estate market, there is plenty of demand, yet minimal inventory. Knowing that your house will likely garner a high level of interest from buyers, I get to work first on the easiest part of my job: preparing your house to sell. This entails helping you come up with an appropriate price, having professional photos taken and marketing your listing to other brokers and buyers. If this is all done correctly, buyers will come and you’ll get an offer or multiple offers.

So, what’s the hardest part of the job?

The most difficult aspect of my job is managing the transaction and all the intricacies of the contract and negotiations after you have accepted an offer. This is where my true value lies: in my ability to remain calm and think quickly in a high-stress environment. There is no situation that I cannot work to resolve.

My job, also, is to help you figure out where you’re going next and how you’re going to get there. How to financially and emotionally move on to the next step. This can be a challenging task, especially as you may be attached to memories made in your current home and unsure about what your next home will look like. There are many logistics involved in a move. Lining up the appropriate resources for a smooth transition takes experience and sophistication.

I do more than just unlock doors. I help solve problems and determine the best resolutions that work for you.

I am your partner, educator, and advocate in your real estate transaction.

Are you considering selling, but don’t know where you’ll go next? Or perhaps you have an unusual situation and you’re not sure how to work around it? I’d love to brainstorm with you. Contact me today for a confidential conversation about your situation and needs.


Ariel Szabo