Hi, I'm Ariel.

And I love helping you buy

and sell Boston real estate.

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Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. My job - and passion - is to guide you through your real estate process.


I do more than just unlock doors. I help solve problems and determine the best resolutions that work for you.

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I am your partner, educator, and advocate in your real estate transaction. 

"Ariel is the first realtor I have worked with whom I would give a five star rating." 


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The Ariel Szabo Advantage

Purchasing or selling a home is a highly individualized experience and your real estate transaction requires expertise.

"Ariel really keeps things moving. She is never set back by difficult negotiations or competitive situations."

"She is incredibly fast to respond to questions and requests. Ariel is a fierce advocate for her clients."

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"Ariel is an absolute

real estate rock star."

"She is professional and process driven with a strong sense of urgency in representing her clients. I especially appreciate her transparent, responsive, consultancy-driven approach."

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